September 17, 2021

At the hospital the other night, the doctor said eyes heal fairly fast, from 2-5 days.  When I mentioned I was working Thursday, he looked dubious and said he could give me a note.  I said no, I'd be able to work.  And I was.  And today my eye feels so much better.  I am grateful and relieved.  It is still scratchy but the pain is mostly gone.

Marlon's arm is still sore and he was frustrated having only one.  I had to tie his shoelaces, help him change his t-shirt, put his sweatshirt on, and much more.  He can't even lift his water glass.  But he can play Minecraft as he only needs his fingers and for that he is happy.  Because it is his left arm, he was also able to do some math.

A nice-looking mushroom growing in the grass.  My mom knew a lot about edible mushrooms but I do not so I just took a picture and let it be.


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