September 15, 2021

As I'm going through the day, doing as much as I can with my eyes closed, Marlon says to me, 'Mom, you're not an invalid, you still have one good eye'.  My response was that my eye is getting tired.  But when I went outside for a bit I realized the truth of it.  When my left eye moves so does my right, even if it has a patch on it, and when it moves, it hurts more

In the garden yesterday, I bent down to pick something but the bean stem got me in the eye.  Ouch.  I did the dance of pain for a while and then figured it might hurt for a bit but would be ok.  I still had three hours before work.

The pain did not ease up, just felt worse.  I lasted 45 minutes at work before curling up in a ball and asking Thomas to come pick me up.  I needed a ride in because I was unable to drive or bike.

So Paco took me to emergency in Guelph.  I was told they had an opthalmologist on call.  Marlon stayed home with his dad.

As my brother Peter will be thrilled to hear, I have had a lot of sitting time with my eyes closed.  As I waited and waited (there about 5.5 hours), sitting there with my eyes closed, Paco tried to do school work in the car.

I scratched across my eye through the cornea, luckily just above my pupil.  Eyes heal fast and I have a patch and if I'm desperate, eye numbing drops.

When Marlon woke up this morning and I spoke to him he was surprised I was home (it was after midnight).  And relieved.

Not very recent but the moon shining on the water.  Darkness


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