September 12, 2021

A decent shift at work today however I am reminded of one of my many pretty peeves.  Bags.  At first, I thought it was great that the store was no longer going to carry plastic bags.  But not enough people are able to remember their bags.  Some people will buy more reusable bags while saying something like, 'I have over 30 of them at home'.  And I cringe inside.  Or they get all their groceries packed in paper bags (which are equally as bad for the environment) and pick them up from the top and they rip.  The bag situation saddens me.  And yet if the worst part of my day was my grumpiness about bags and a scale that needs to be reset every second time you weigh something, I would say I can't complain, but I just did, didn't I (sheepish grin)!?

And when I get home and I see Marlon curled on his chair with his face glued to a device, I think I need to have more structure set up while I am gone.  He did help his dad for a bit but only a bit.

This sunflower brightens the space and fills me with awe.


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