September 1, 2021

I have been off work for a year and am scheduled to return on September 7th.  Good to see a return to the normal and yet overwhelming to contemplate.

I am thinking about perseverance.  Marlon's as he kept going and dealt with all the challenges, good and bad, the last year has brought.  My role of support person and the regular writing.  The updates have been a good outlet for me and a reminder of the immense support we have received.  I don't know what my updates will be from now on.  Things are always changing.  

Thanks for the support and prayers and healing thoughts, and for joining us over the past year.

Love the paddleboard.  I may have hogged it when we had it in the water at the cottage but Marlon did get a turn.  Good balance.  The skinny right calf is noticeable in this picture.  When we saw the physiotherapist last week, she did say the flexibility of his left ankle has not improved and the right one is only a little stronger.  Marlon has more stretches to do and if there isn't much change by next hospital visit, a brace will be recommended.  He does not like that idea.  Hopefully, that will be motivation to continue to persevere..


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