August 9, 2021

With the construction on our road, I biked to pick up Marlon's falafels.  I used to bike all the time but haven't since the end of last August.  My bike is my 'trusty steed' and it felt like a visit with an old friend.  I enjoyed my ride much more than Marlon enjoyed the falafels.  Not as good as the ones he had the other day.

Another great day for a swim and Marlon is having more fun in the pool than in previous years.  He is also happy for the exercise and strengthening he gets from it.

Linsy rescued a frog from the pool and I was admiring the bright spider on the parsley leaf.

This evening I brought Linsy to Olivia in Toronto and in the morning she will head up for a week-long canoe trip.  We will miss her.


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