August 4, 2021

Sometimes, Marlon talks about something as if it is true.  It is something that makes sense to him and he figures it must be so.  Then I am scratching my head thinking, hmm is he right.  Eventually, my brain kicks in and I see the loopholes to his theory.  I don't remember what today's was but I think it had something to do with water as he was swimming when he started talking about it.  Sometimes he knows these obscure facts and sometimes he makes them up.  He's pretty smart so I don't always know if it is just something that makes sense to him and fits with his logic.

A beautiful day for a swim.  The top right one is him swimming underwater to avoid being in the picture.

Paco got his blood card from when he gave blood.  His blood type is A+.  So all of us are different.  Good thing Marlon didn't need a bone marrow transplant as I assume blood type is a factor in who will be a match.  Had he not responded well to treatment, marrow transplant may have been next.


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