August 31, 2021

Linsy and I shared a tearful hug goodbye at the Kingston bus station.  She and Moira we catching the bus east to Montreal and Marlon and I were heading west toward home.  It is a big step for Linsy and she is nervous.  Completely understandable.  I know I have decided to take steps and make changes and when I make that decision it seems right.  Then when the time gets closer, I wonder why I am making the change and worry I am making a mistake.  Challenges help us to grow and learn.

And yes, I think we will both miss each other, that much more after having been together so much during our vacation.  Yet she is ready for change and distance.

When Marlon and I arrived home, the house seemed a little empty.  I am down two people as Paco is away for a few days for work.  I keep wondering when someone else will be coming home. But Thomas and Mojo were happy to see us.  One of the first things Marlon said to his dad was, 'I am much stronger now than when I left.'

It was one year ago today, as I was making a batch of salsa to can, that I received the phone call from the doctor telling me that Marlon had leukemia.  It has been an emotional year of ups and downs and I am grateful for a positive outcome.  True, it's not over yet but I have every reason to believe he will continue to get stronger and healthier.

Some wildlife shots from our trip.  Groundhog on Mont Royal, a pigeon posing in front of a sign, '59¢ lbs' and the loons out for an evening cruise on the lake.


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