August 23, 2021

Argh!  Feel like I am racing against the clock.  Not an uncommon one for me.  Leaving in the morning for the hospital with Marlon and then he and I are heading to Montreal with Linsy.

Yesterday, I baked zucchini-banana bread, and today granola bars and breakfast brownies.  Part of a care package for Linsy.

Always so much to do to get ready.  Doesn't help that I feel like a disorganized mess!

I was thinking how so many cancer patients end up with some kind of nerve damage due to chemo drugs.  I have been consistently reminding Marlon to do his leg/ankle stretches.  Hopefully, he will see the physiotherapist at the hospital tomorrow.  I feel like his ankles should be doing better but I'm not sure.

Need to remember to slow dow, breathe, and appreciate the beauty out there 


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