August 21, 2021

In response to my decision-making woes, a friend from many many years ago reminded me how good I was at telling him what he should be doing.  Ugh!  Too true and too horrible to be reminded of.  Always have an opinion, always have a different way, something to say.  Bossy as if I know what is better for anyone else.

So that would be like putting myself in someone else's shoes and telling them what to do.  I just feel shame at the truth of how pushy I can be.  I see that often in my relationship with my kids and I remember my mom being the same way.

Another reminder that I am an imperfect human being with so much to learn and there will always be a need for humility and awareness.  I am grateful for those times I can observe opportunity.

We have been talking for a while about going out to dinner together and we finally made it happen tonight.  Yummy Mexican food.


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