August 19, 2021

I look at my decision-making process and see a long history of deciding between two things.  Eenie, meenie, minie, moe…

I go back to my early 20's when I sold my car and was going back to school and I wanted a good walkman.  The back and forth.  I see it with cars and so many other items over the years.  The questioning, the mind, the rationalization, the heart,...

And yes, it works better to listen to the heart, but the mind comes up with all these good arguments, and then I wonder what is what.  Is that my mind talking or my heart feeling?  That small voice.  Some decisions have better outcomes than others but I learn and watch.

I see myself playing with decisions when driving.  Do I turn or go straight?  Do I take this route or that route?  Small decisions that likely mean nothing but a game to play and observations to make.

It was a two swim day.  So lucky to have that option.

I managed to get a decent closeup of this rabbit and was intrigued by the markings.


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