August 15, 2021

Once again, Marlon spent a lot of time on the computer.  He had his time this morning with his weekend friends and then early afternoon another friend.  Add some videos on top of that.

And I'm just remembering I forgot to remind him to do stretches more often.  His right ankle has some flex but that is partially because he still has very little calf muscle.  The flex on his left foot is 90 degrees.  In other words next to none.

Because it is on the cooler side he went for a quick swim today.  Tried out his new swim mask and after the first submerge, he surfaced shouting, 'This thing is awesome!'

The lens is not scratched so the view is good and they didn't leak.  Very happy, now if only he the weather would warm up again…

Yesterday, Marlon was pretty excited to have the opportunity to drive an ATV.  Apparently steering it is a good workout.


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