August 14, 2021

Marlon and I went to the market today, visited the puppies, and then home.

The afternoon just passed and I often wonder why I don't get more accomplished.  It's not as though I'm sitting around but the time goes by and I see the messes here and there and all these things to be done.  I do think I do well with lists of things to accomplish but to write a list is one of those things on my imaginary to-do list.

We did have someone drop off Minecraft plushies for Marlon and it was nice to have a visit with her.  We haven't chatted in a while.

This evening, Marlon threw up.  Was it because he got overexcited playing Minecraft with Paco?  No, I don't think so.  Often he asks for the anti-nausea medication in the evening and I wonder if he really still needs it.  Maybe he does.

Another frog rescue.  Most days, a few end up in the pool.

I managed to get a picture of a blue heron taking off.  Not the best quality picture but there is something in it.


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