August 11, 2021

I walked outside this morning and saw what I thought was Stella and wondered why she was there.  Turned out it was a deer and it dashed off into the woods.  I keep remembering the size of its tail.  I would guess it was 18 inches.  It was long and up in the air behind the deer as it bounded away.  The cat was in my arms and he was scared.

Marlon went for two swims today and unfortunately, the nose plugs didn't work for him.  They slipped off too easily.  And he broke the mask.  I had him do some research on the computer to find a new one.

Josephine came with us to see the puppies.

The minute they see their mom they jump up to greet her in the hopes of Mama's milk.  She doesn't always stop long enough to let them.

Two new chicks. They are already a week old.

I am listening to a book and once again I am struck by some people's ability to stay with their process, to feel their pain, and to remain focused on their journey and healing.  I am awed by the strength and resilience.


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