August 10, 2021

Marlon and I went off to the hospital this morning.  Louise is visiting with one of her sons and his family so I drove us down.  While Marlon and I like the connection with Louise, it is also nice to go ourselves.  After waiting quite a while we were told his blood counts are good and we were free to go.  We drove into Guelph where I got him lunch (poutine of course) and we bought nose plugs.  We also had a visit with the puppies though at that time Marlon was playing Minecraft on the phone with friends.  A little more awkward on the phone rather than computer but anything to play with friends.

In the evening, he went for a swim but didn't try the nose plugs yet as we need to attach string to them otherwise if they fall off they may get lost.  I tried them on and they were way more uncomfortable than I remember nose plugs being (I did some synchronized swimming a long, long time ago) but hopefully they will work for him.

Last week, I shared the bottom picture, commenting on the appearance of the water.  A lot can change in a week.  The top picture is today's same view.


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