July 9, 2021

Today was one of those days where every time we looked at the clock, it seemed at least an hour later than expected.  Luckily, we didn't have much planned.

Linsy came home in the afternoon but ran out the door minutes later to get to work on time.  Sounds like she had a nice time away and is happy to be home again.

Marlon was pretty good all day.  He didn't do much but his spirits were up. Other than the fact he was dissatisfied with supper, I don't think he had any complaints.  Minecraft and Mastermind time with Paco.  Yesterday, I played mastermind with him and I was looking at the picture on the box wondering if it was an original from the 70's.

I'm not sure if I gave the impression that Marlon is done with chemo.  No, far from it.  He will have pills to take at home, a monthly dose at the hospital, with lumbar punctures at some of those visits.  The hope is that none of these are as invasive and weakening as the rounds he has been enduring.

One of my favourite pictures of Marlon and his dad from 7 years ago.


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