July 4, 2021

On the weekend, Marlon has friends that play Minecraft in the mornings.  Today was a long one.  It's no wonder that halfway through the afternoon, he was surprised by the time.  Still, he flew the drone and had a swim.  He was commenting that it is a good strengthening exercise to be in the water.

Linsy left today for a cottage with her friend.  She is happy to get away.  Glad that school and her driving test are behind her.

Marlon and I even played frisbee tonight.  I get so frustrated.  I don't get any better and the frisbee rarely goes the way I want it to.  I did have a short phase last year that I was throwing fairly well.  No more.  So I go running back and forth, chasing the wayward frisbee because Marlon doesn't have the agility or stamina.  Still, it is fun.

A bean beetle going after the unripe black raspberries and the evening sky, dotted with clouds.


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