July 31, 2021

Marlon had a bit of Minecraft time with friends to start the day and end it.  He did come to the market and then I brought him to see the puppies.  Another mom and I were agreeing it is a huge gift to be able to hold the little puppies and watch their development.  They are just able to walk but wobble and fall down.  Starting to play together and practice barks.  One even ran a few steps.  So much change in just two weeks.

Marlon wanted soup today and was remembering one his dad made last year when he was in the hospital.  I tried but failed to make a good soup.  He said it was bland and not a good mix of spices. Oh well.

He's been making cranes lately rather than new designs.  He will never make 10,000 but there are several hanging around.

He put question marks all around this because he didn't know what it was.


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