July 30, 2021

I thought that this round of steroids doesn't seem to be affecting Marlon too badly and then I berated myself for it.  We still have a few more days to go and the side effects can happen.  What kind?  Well, food cravings, often a strong desire for food, they are there but mild.  Crazy moods.  One mom was saying her son and his dad keep getting into fights when the boy is on steroids.  His mood goes crazy and his dad falls into the trap.  The other side effect that affects Marlon is sleeplessness.  Even though he is tired, he is unable to sleep.  We'll see how that plays out.

I said to him tonight, he can start getting his life back, building up his strength, doing more.  At this time though, all he wants are audiobooks, videos, and Minecraft.  Hopefully, he can at least spend time with friends.

My siblings and I from a few years ago at my sister's cottage.  It was amusing with our brother sleeping and oblivious.


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