July 3, 2021

What a quiet day compared to yesterday.  Up and down.

Because he needed the blood products yesterday, Marlon didn't get the chemo he was scheduled for.  He will get that on Tuesday.  A few more days to continue to feel better.  And he is.  The waves of sickness are fewer and less intense.  He was noticing today that he is weaker than he used to be.  Hopefully, that will motivate him to do more to get in shape.  All in time, I suppose.

I saw a butterfly trying to fly.  I don't think the wings were properly formed and it tried but couldn't get off the ground.  Sad to see.  

The shirts seem pretty good. They faded a little with a wash but still look good.  

Back when he still had hair to play with.  He doesn't plan on having long hair again now that he has experienced the ease of short hair.


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