July 28, 2021

I finished listening to the book, The Song of Achilles.  Not my normal kind of book but it was well written and puts a more personal spin on an Ancient Greek hero.  Because I asked him a question about Paris,  Marlon and I were discussing Helen of Troy.  He thought the book I was reading was incorrect but turned out he misread something.  So we both learned.

Linsy, Marlon, and I visited the puppies this afternoon.  Marlon doesn't have the patience for hanging out there too long but he brought a book and folded some of his usual origami: boxes, cranes, penguins

No, the cat was not visiting the puppies but Linsy and I were laughing at his position and seeming comfort.  After the picture, Linsy stood up and Mojo decided it was no longer the best position as he had to steal her chair.

After puppies, we went to Macmillans and Sobeys.  Among other things, I got fixings to make our own poutine.  Well sort of, still not from scratch, but it was good.  

Marlon is on steroids this week so I am expecting lots of food cravings.


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