July 21, 2021

Marlon got his Kiwico package today.  Lately, he hasn't had the patience nor the interest.  It was a haphazard job.  Today, he was more interested but also very frustrated.  It did not go together easily and was finicky.  Eventually, he did get it going and was happy with the result.  I was happy he didn't give up and I assumed if he stuck with it his satisfaction level would be higher.

He is still enjoying green beans and had a couple servings of them.  Lucky he helped pick some.

Paco is better today and has recovered well from giving blood.  Now we wait to hear what his blood type is.  I am guessing it is the same as Marlon's but i don't know any more than anyone else.

We followed a chalk pastel drawing tutorial and this is Marlon's end result.


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