July 19, 2021

Many times throughout the day, when getting my attention Marlon asks 'Mama?'. I usually reply with a 'Marmar?'.

I was happy to hear some paper folding happening again.  This is a winged box.  He said it was a challenging one.

He was happy with his volcano with trees and a dinosaur in the left.

We sat and listened to a podcast together rather than him locking in his headphones.  Between the two of us there are several interruptions but nice to do.

After a short walk, he felt his headache but not as bad as it was the other day.  He did swim in the afternoon.  While he was in the pool, I heard Stella barking non-stop, probably because she likes to supervise those in the water.  After Marlon got out, I went to say hi to her.  Pat was just coming out to check on her and asked if I wanted to take Stella for a walk.  Yes, of course.  She is an intelligent dog and is nice to walk with as long as she isn't on a leash.  She is responsive and so cute.  I was appreciating the wildflowers in bloom and the various colours.

This evening, partway through supper, Marlon threw up.  Luckily he had enough of a warning to get his container but it caught him by surprise.  He did eat a little after but his stomach was unsettled.

We are both wondering what tomorrow's hospital visit will bring.


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