July 18, 2021

I am glad to say the headache wasn't bad today.  I worry when it is.  A bad headache is what precipitated the scary chain of events at the hospital in April.  To be fair, Marlon is nowhere near as weak as he was back then.  He is much healthier.

For a while this afternoon, I was weeding in the garden, Marlon was sitting in the shade listening to his audiobook, and Mojo was supervising.

Not a flattering picture as he looks much fatter than he really is, but I liked the crossed paws.

Marlon also went for a short swim but the water was cold so he didn't last.

At one point today he was talking to me about planets, the sun, and black holes.  He was quite knowledgeable.  Happy to see he does retain a fair bit of what he listens to on podcasts.

He folded another origami penguin.


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