July 14, 2021

Other than the fact that he threw up first thing, Marlon was feeling pretty good today.  The first thing in the morning vomiting, is often before food and drink so not much comes up, but it is insistent.  After that, I couldn't keep up with his appetite. Breakfast, snack, snack, lunch, snack, snack, and then he convinced me to buy him poutine again.  I was telling him we need to start making our own.

This afternoon, we went to visit Rosy, a pregnant dog.  Linsy's boyfriend's dog.  Speaking of pregnant dogs, our neighbour's dog just had pups today.  New life!  After our visit, Marlon waited in the car while I ran into Sobeys and we picked up his poutine.  A little outing.

Marlon likes to 'jiggle my fat'.  Flapping my arms and patting my belly.  Tonight I tried to reciprocate and bang his belly but he practically hyperventilated, he was laughing so hard.  'I'm super 'ticklative'

A pop of colour. I was given flowers when we visited Rosy's family, and the colour of this radish was impressive (was, because it has since been eaten). 


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