July 13, 2021

Before we left for the hospital this morning, I went and got a club sandwich for Linsy and Marlon.  He was so happy with that.  It served as breakfast and lunch.

After sitting around and waiting, we heard that he did not need any blood products today.  His counts were on the low side but not low enough to warrant transfusions.  Free for another week.

On the way home, we stopped by a neat store called Grasshopper.  They sell South American/ Mexican pottery and clothing and more.  It is all outdoors, kind of market style.  We didn't buy anything but I was happy to finally check it out after driving past so many times.

When I look at the picture on the left, it could be Marlon a year ago, but it is Linsy.  Our in-house hair-cutter and the person who can do anything, Thomas, gave her a great summer cut.  When Linsy was younger, she had fine, straight, blond hair.  The boys both had lots of hair.  With puberty, Linsy grew into a full head of wavy hair.  Years ago, my niece Caroline, was saying Linsy would end up with lots of curly hair like her and I really didn't think so but she was right (we have all learned to listen to Caroline!).


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