July 12, 2021

Marlon threw up first thing this morning but luckily he has been feeling fine the rest of the day.  Not long after breakfast, he was hungry and asking when I would get his club sandwich.  Just as I was about to call and order lunch, I said 'What if they aren't open on Mondays?'. Marlon said of course they would be.  Unfortunately, I was right and they weren't open.  We looked at another restaurant and they don't open until later.  That was it.  Marlon cried and cried for a long time.  He said his whole day was ruined.  Eventually, he calmed down and I heated up a frozen pizza and he was ok.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Linsy and I went to service Ontario in the afternoon to get her certificate for driver's education.  

I was picking black raspberries, and the beautiful red leaves, so out of place this time of year, made a nice contrast.

Back to the hospital in the morning.  Hopefully, a quick visit,  just checking his blood counts, and all will be well.  But I would think by now, I am learning that you can't predict.


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