July 11, 2021

Can't keep up with this boy and his demands for food.  Always something different.  Today's request/demand was a club sandwich.  I did not get him one, but I think he has decided I will tomorrow.  I also have strict orders to get more green beans.  He's not even on steroids and everything seems to be about food.  Oh well, at least he is willing and able to eat.  He can stand to gain a few kilos.

Speaking of food, I needed a new toaster oven and so I got one with an air fryer.  Used it today and cooked potatoes with it.  They turned out pretty good.  Even Marlon thought so.

I appreciated the rainy day to get things done inside.  I would expect my house to be spic and span and neat and clean but I can't seem to get close to that reality.

This evening, Marlon and I did drawings together, following online instructions.  These are his.


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