July 1, 2021

Last evening, I was outside playing with Stella.  It has been a while since she has done anything other than behave submissively with me or run away.  We were playing chase, with sticks, and sharing some wild strawberries.  I still had my headphones, as I ran out of the house when I heard she came visiting.  At one point I saw her noticing my headphones, dangling around my neck.  When I came back in, I noticed they were gone.  I went back outside and walked around and around, back and forth looking for them.  No luck.  Today, Paco was around and I mentioned my lost headphones.  Within a minute, he located them in the grass.

Apparently, Stella found them before we did.

It seems crazy to be celebrating a day without throwing up but it is a good occasion.  While writing this, I hear many fireworks signifying other's national birthday celebrations.  Before supper, Marlon was saying he was so hungry, but I am still surprised how little he is able to eat.

For Christmas, Linsy got a natural dye kit.  Yesterday, we prepared the dye, and today Marlon and Linsy tie-dyed a couple of shirts. 

More to do before we get to see the final results.  Curiosity!!


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