June 6, 2021

Marlon is at that in-between stage.  Like a tween, his tastes are changing, he is changing, his health is changing.  For most of his waking hours, he likes to be plugged in.  If nothing else, listening to a book or podcast.  With the listening often comes time with the device.  And so I turn it off, try to change the scenario. He has a couple of projects (two robot building ones) on the go.  They are boring.  Even his Kiwico kits are boring, done with bare minimum of interest. Everything is boring.  My suggestions are met with a NO.  And then I remember so many people are struggling right now.  We all have bumps in our life and one is no more important than another.

Paco and Linsy helped to paint the pool.  Not an easy job and made that much harder with the intense sun and heat.  At one point, Linsy had to take a break and I was concerned she was going to pass out. After a while, she was able to go back and help some more.  One more coat but what a difference.

The goslings are gone.  Have they gone to Fairy Lake?  I felt like the geese were having a spa day.  Many more geese than usual floated on the water and they were calm and quiet.  Not the usual chatter of the geese, not flapping or flying.  Recovering from their months of parenting?  Missing their babes?  Enjoying the calm?  Who knows!

I look at this picture and think meditation retreat.


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