June 26, 2021

Last night, doing some things in the kitchen, I grabbed a bowl, except I got the whole stack which fell, knocked a glass off the counter.  Big noise (3 people in bed) and some breaks.  Geez, really.  What am I doing wrong?

Add that to the car, and a few other things, and I was in a funk today.  It will pass, it is passing, but it was a low day.

Marlon is looking forward to tie-dying a t-shirt.  He has one he did a few years ago and it is falling apart with the neck all stretched out.  Other than that he doesn't have much on the go.  He is feeling ok again.  Still weak and limping and his appetite is so-so.

Interesting that this picture is from 7 years ago, almost to the day. Today, after going to the market in Guelph, I saw someone designing the same kind of bubbles.  Fun!


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