June 22, 2021

Because I didn't see any reason for Marlon to be sick, I wasn't sure if he might have a bug.  Other than his daily pills, he hasn't had chemo in 10 days.  And because I was thinking he might be sick, I told Louise not to drive us. So before 7, Marlon and I were on the road to the hospital.  He wasn't feeling great again.  Alternating between hungry and nauseous.  The nurses were unperturbed by his being unwell.  A good thing, I suppose.  

He had his chemo and LP.  Beforehand, he was craving all sorts of foods.  Afterwards, he had a little bit to eat and that was it for a few hours.  Cravings are the worst when you can't eat.

He made it through the day without throwing up but just barely.  At least, the little he ate did stay down.  He looked pretty rough this evening but that is no surprise.

I like this picture from 11 years ago with Paco being silly and Linsy so colour-coordinated with her attire and the wild strawberries.


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