June 2, 2021

Marlon is pretty good after the chemo on Monday, mind you, it is the one with the less immediately noticeable side effects.  I need to work with him more to do stretches and exercises.  He still limps around.

This morning we used some of the defrosted pie crust to make pinwheels.

The neater ones are cinnamon and the messier ones, chocolate.  Not bad but we have decided we need to make some gooey cinnamon buns next.

Some drone flying.  I even had a turn though Marlon was very protective and concerned that I would crash it.  He made a video with flights


This afternoon, Linsy drove me to Guelph.  She only had classes in the morning.  While I go into the stores, she stays in the car.  It was nice to have time just the two of us and hopefully one of these days she can enter the stores as well.


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