June 18, 2021

Marlon spent more time playing Minecraft today, as a friend he hasn't played with recently was available.  He was also doing some reading and then looking at something Minecraft oriented and I had him do some calculations with that.  Not getting enough exercise and his right leg is still noticeably weaker.  I keep forgetting to remind him and help him with exercises.  I put an hourly reminder on his phone to drink water.  Maybe I need to add one for exercises and stretches as well.

Tomorrow, I am taking a 'me' day.  Leaving in the morning and not back until evening.  A mini-retreat.  This is an opportunity for Marlon to adjust to me being gone more as we are getting close to my return to work.  It has been nine and a half months.

I will not write tomorrow.

Linsy just saw this and asked if it was a chip bag.  I'm not sure, but knowing Marlon, I wouldn't be surprised.


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