June 15, 2021

Paco has had time for Marlon and Minecraft the past couple of days. Marlon did write another paragraph story today about a tree this time, not food!  

Linsy and I went to Guelph.  The wait time wasn't as bad as I had thought it might be.  She had a drive-test appointment scheduled within the hour.  He told her the earliest appointment he had in Guelph was November but he just had a cancellation in Hamilton on July 2nd.  He joked with Linsy about a lockdown starting on July 1st.  She was not laughing.

Marlon did throw up this evening.  Out of the blue but before and after his mood was pretty good.

The pill-taking has been a slow process, sometimes having to take a break between each pill.  Each one is buried in a small amount of ice cream.  I am conscious of opening and closing the freezer so often especially in the heat of the past while.  Minor issue in the scheme of things.

Appreciating the beautiful bouquet. 


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