June 14, 2021

Linsy's license saga continues.  Starting last night, she attempted to log onto the drive test site to see about getting a better appointment than October.  Seemed like the site wasn't working.  How many people know their full license number off by heart.  Linsy does because she has used it so much.  With the website being no help we tried calling.  Busy, busy, and busy, or ending up in a dead-end.  Somehow we heard the recording that because she has canceled her test more than three times she will have to go into the office.  What??  Yes, Linsy was proactive and as soon as she saw the lockdown was going to swallow her drive test date, she canceled with the hopes of rescheduling ASAP.  Apparently, they have extended hours and appointments but she can't even get one.  We will go to an office and see what we can figure out.

Marlon was complaining about his legs from the time he woke up this morning.  His walking was more awkward than usual.  It hurt to move, to walk, to sit.  Just muscle pain from the crouching and up and down during weeding.  He doesn't deal well with pain and it affected his whole day.

He was enjoying salsa with his veggie sticks (the processed sticks) so much he wrote a story about Mc Dick Chip and his salsa journey.  No literary work of art and not much more than a paragraph but I don't care.  He comes up with the idea, writes it out by hand, then types it (on the phone) into a document, and draws a picture.

This evening the five of us played Uno.  It has been a while since we played cards together.  I am glad we did.


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