June 11, 2021

Marlon woke up at 530 this morning to use the washroom.  I didn't think he'd fall back asleep but he did.  I actually had to wake him up just before 8 to get out the door.

The outpatient oncology clinic will be undergoing renovations and today was moving day.  So while they moved to another ward, Marlon had his chemo at the inpatient ward.  I was nosy and saw who was on the ward (just by looking at the name tags on the wall).  I was glad to see a particular girl was out as she had been in for a while, and had reacted negatively to one of the drugs.  We were there a bit longer than I had anticipated and on the way home Marlon was asking about lunch, not liking what I had brought along.  He got me to buy him something but then was barely able to eat it.  Not much appetite the whole day and did end up throwing up in the evening.  He didn't look too good either.  Two days in a row takes its toll.  We are hoping that was the last time he will need to remain accessed overnight.  

Another week and a half break to recover and rebuild.

The wild strawberries are ripening.  This is the same one over five days.  After the picture (bottom right was today) I ate it.  Yum!


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