May 9, 2021

Glad to be home for mother's day.  I don't place a lot of weight on these 'special' days but I am happy to be a mom and to have been blessed three times by the wonders of growing a baby, birthing it, and then watching the being unfold.

I got a thoughtfully written card from Paco and a heart and origami box from Marlon.  I asked for origami flowers.  He thought they may be too hard but they turned out well.

We went to Linsy's boyfriend's place to see the newborn filly.  Born yesterday and so gangly with those long, long legs and a gorgeous face.  To see the horse and foal we walked to the paddock so it was a good walk for Marlon.  And then also saw the head of a newly hatched chick, poking its head out from the safety momma hen.  Mother's all around.

Marlon felt fine most of the day until evening when he had very little appetite.  Even then, he was still chatty and animated and I am sure he will feel fine in the morning.


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