May 6, 2021

Marlon was stressed this morning at the thought of being accessed again.  We did not know ahead of time how things would turn out.  As it were, he did not need any blood products.  His platelets were 22, so down from Monday but above the 20 cutoff.  Hemoglobin and neutrophils continue to slowly climb.  A quick in and out hospital visit.

Because of the hospital stay, his chemo is behind but next Tuesday he is supposed to start the last 8 week round of chemo before he enters maintenance.  To start, his platelets need to be 75, so it is very unlikely he will be ready to start next week.  He may get an even longer break again.  No harm in letting his body build up again.  Delayed Intensification is done but the next phase has a fair amount of methotrexate.  While I originally viewed it as milder chemo, I have learned more about it and am more concerned.  It is the doses of this drug that go to the brain that can cause seizures.  Cancer treatment is challenging on so many levels.

Marlon was reading again today.  It has been close to a month since he has read much of anything.  Glad to see it.

'Super chicken'


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