May 4, 2021

How quickly we put the hospital behind us and fall back into home life again.  

Since we got back I have done several loads of laundry.  At the hospital, it was all handwashing so now making sure those items get a good wash.  Paco and Linsy were constantly fiddling and adjusting in an attempt to keep the cat out of Marlon's bed while we were away.  He was very persistent, jumping on the desk and breaking through barricades.  I made sure the bedding got washed as well.  In the middle of the night, I heard the cat start his burrowing onto the bed and tsk'd him away.  It worked.  His other favourite place to sleep is behind Linsy on her chair so she is often sitting on the edge of her seat.  Not so comfortable.  Here I just moved him from that spot and gave him a cozy alternative.

While away, Marlon's Kiwico kit arrived so he made his animation machine today.  He is doing well.  Walking looks awkward but I believe his blood counts are ok.  


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