May 3, 2021

Home sweet home!

Marlon was in the hospital for 12 hours shy of 3 weeks.

His recovery is continuing on a strong upward path.  His platelets actually went up to 25 today from yesterday's 24.  First time in a long time they went up without a transfusion.  This means his marrow is back at work again.  His hemoglobin (89) and neutrophils (1.3) went up as well.

Instead of requiring us to return tomorrow, Marlon was given the chemo today and doesn't need to go back until Thursday for a blood check.

Good to see everyone at home again.  It will be nice to sleep in my bed.  

The drive home was emotional as I kept remembering the last time we drove down that road. Middle of the night and I had him beside me on the reclined front seat (he still sits in the back), so I could keep an eye on him.  What a change!  Thank goodness he is much more himself again.  He needs to rebuild his strength and his walk is awkward but he is ok.

Silly boy


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