May 27, 2021

We had our pie day today.  An outside pie and crust lesson with our neighbour, Alice.  I made blueberry/apple filling, and Alice cut up apples for apple pie.  We enjoyed the yummy results.

Marlon is also holding a pie but only for the picture.  By this time he had been on his feet for an hour and was definitely ready for a rest.

I bought several books lately.  Books Marlon was interested in reading that we couldn't get from the library.  One series he is really enjoying and the other one that is more of a struggle.  Had us talking about the difference between well-written books that get you hooked and then books that you read for a while but are happy to put down and not go back to.  Hopefully, we will be able to donate the less-loved books to the library soon.

From the outside, you can't see there are two butterflies joined together.


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