May 26, 2021

Today was a special day growing up as it is my parents' anniversary.  Another opportunity to give thanks for the privilege of having two parents that loved and supported each other.

This evening, Marlon and I were talking about croissants which led us to languages.  He was marveling at how confusing other languages seem to be.  I suggested he gets a project.  Learn a language.  I would like him to learn proper typing.  Learn to play an instrument.  His answer to all this is 'no', he can't do it.  It is boring and he won't do it.  I then feel sad.  Sad to see that energy of giving up before you get started.  And sad to see that in myself as well.  I am sure we all have traits we don't love and it is painful to see those carrying on in the next generation.

He was lucky to have a good Minecraft day.  Some time with his brother and then a few different friends.

Marlon is a good reader and his spelling is pretty good too.  Yay, he has good traits, too. But the word 'yacht', which is what these origami creations are, had him confused.


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