May 25, 2021

Paco took the day off today so Marlon got a good dose of his brother and Minecraft.  He was happy with that and I had a challenge getting him off the computer.  

Friday, we were looking at the Sobeys flyer, and he saw cherries were on sale.  He wrote me a shopping list for cherries and a beer.  The beer is for the slugs though so far they seem to be on the wagon and are not enticed to swim in it.  Finally today he got his cherries.  He was happy with that and I had an excuse for a nice walk.

We often talk about treatment, how he is feeling, the time just before and after diagnosis.  I imagine it is healing for both of us as there is trauma to be overcome.  The roller coaster ride continues.

A flower with a leaf

The flipside of the flower


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