May 23, 2021

The past several days, Marlon feels fine during the day, with good appetite, but by evening he is slowing down, more nauseous, eating little.

His anxiety changes.  It used to be that getting de-accessed stressed him out and just before it was to happen, he would be anxious and wish it to be done.  Now that step is fine but the accessing is when he is anxious and cries.  For a while, he was ok with the pills.  Now he stresses more with the evening pills.  He needs to take breaks between pills and there is a push-pull energy to it.

Last summer, when he was unwell and we did not know what was wrong, he was very uncomfortable being outside.  He said the sun was too strong.  Treatment can increase sensitivity to the sun, and Marlon feels it.  The heat and sun are hard on him and I was just realizing I need to get him outside more often but not expect that time to last more than 5 minutes.  I can almost see him wilt under the sun.

We saw another turtle today, a small one, not quite 20 cm.  A patch of cultivated wild strawberries and garlic


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