May 22, 2021

I have told Marlon we can get another drone.  His job is to research a good one.  He is actually pretty good at this as he likes to read comments and reviews. There are some factors he misses but it is a good start.  The price varies from $20 to $500+.  He is adamant he doesn't want to spend too much but it would be nice to have one with a camera and then you wonder if you get what you pay for.  The other big consideration is that Marlon is not known to stick with anything for too long.  If it is too complicated, he will give up immediately.  If it is too easy, he will get bored.  My tendency, when faced with all this, is not to take action.  We'll see. He has one in mind but I suggested he look for more reviews.

He is still craving poutine, so we are checking out various options close to home.  Picked up one today that was not very well-liked but there are several more choices.  Maybe one a week.  Depends on his taste buds and how much he harasses me.



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