May 20, 2021

His neutrophils made it to the 0.5 mark so they started the next phase of treatment.  My overall sense of this is a good one because it means we are that much closer to him being in maintenance.  It is within reach.  

Marlon is stressing more when he is accessed and there were a lot of tears today.  The smell of the cleaning fluid is bad to him and sets him off.  At the beginning of treatment, he found peppermint essential oil to be helpful when taking his pills, a distraction.  I think we will see if we can find a smell that will help now.  The stresses come and go. I don't know if there is any truth to this but I am hoping that if he feels the stresses now, the lasting effects won't be as bad.

He was given chemo through his port and then sedated for the LP (lumbar puncture).  He is still having issues with his right foot, a result of a hematoma in that area likely caused by the LP's. I never thought too much about the LP except for the stress of sedation.  Now that I have seen more of the damage, it is more stressful.

After treatment today, Marlon's back, where he had the needle for the LP, was bothering him.  He didn't do too much for the rest of the day.  Even the drone wasn't working properly.  Not a very active day but that is fair.  Back to the hospital in the morning and then a break for a week and a half.  Instead of every week, this stage of treatment is every 10 days.

Marlon's hair from a year ago.  How things have changed.  It seems to be starting to grow back again.  It may be darker this time.


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