May 15, 2021

A peaceful, uneventful day.  No complaints there.

Marlon has a good appetite lately and has all sorts of food requests.  Not always the healthiest of choices but not the worst either.  He was pestering me for pie, so yesterday I went to Sobeys and bought a blueberry pie.  Now I am thinking if he wants to continue to enjoy pies, we should try our hands at making pie crusts, something I have shied away from.  I continue to see his tastes changing day by day so I need to remember not to get caught up in what works today.  It will change.

We have played some frisbee, never for long, but I know that will get better.  He was commenting today that he has played less frisbee than me but is better.  True.  Not something I have excelled at.

After dropping Linsy off at work today, I saw a turtle crossing the road.  It looked very black on top.  Maybe mud?

When I went to pick Linsy up later, I didn't see any signs of the turtle so I hope the eggs were laid in peace with a successful return home.


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