May 14, 2021

Marlon helped plant carrots today.  Thomas commented that Marlon can get down ok to plant the seeds, but getting up is the hard part.  The other day the two of them were talking about getting up from the ground and how it isn't always very easy.

At bedtime, Marlon asked what the point of life is.  This comes on the heels of an emotional day.  One where I was wondering what I am doing and feeling sad and when feeling sad the faults seem to be more noticeable.  Did I really say this? Do that?  Think this?  But I answer that we look for joy in life.  And Marlon mentions the two big C's right now and I respond that we can still do the best we can, look for the good.  And Marlon asked if people that littered were not being the best they can be.  What about the planet?  And the roller coaster of the ups and the downs and the good and the bad.  We all have a dark and a light side.  None of us are perfect. In a strange way that heavy conversation lightened the day.

A while ago I mentioned Linsy and her attempts to get her G2. She had an appointment scheduled for mid-April.  So she rescheduled and this lockdown was extended into May and we watched the date of her test getting closer and we hoped.  And then the lockdown was extended into June and her appointment for May 28th was cancelled.  Argh!!  She will attempt to book a fifth date.

I will continue to drive with her to work and pick her up but it is so tempting to say, just take the car.  Let's pretend.  But like everyone else we accept there are hardships during these times.

Beautiful flowers and folded creations.  Several folded failures today but the panda bear turned out.


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