May 13, 2021

For the past while, to deal with the various infections, Marlon has been taking several pills.  He was taking 8 of one split up three times a day.  I may have mentioned before giving him pills while he is sleeping.  Yesterday was the last day of that!  That particular pill, he will now be taking three times a week, twice a day.  

I feel like the past couple of days have been definite steps forward of strength and endurance.  He can stay on his feet for longer periods of time and can walk up the stairs with only a little struggle.  He is sturdier.

I have been reading a book to him and it seems every paragraph he interrupts for one reason or another.  The most recent part of this book talks of Greek gods and Marlon knows a lot about them so he always has something to say.

Speaking of books, a while ago I was at the bookstore picking up books I had ordered for Marlon.  I saw a book I felt attracted to but knew I don't often find the time to read books.  I found it on the Libby app in audiobook form and placed a hold on it.  Just started listening to the book. It is called Between Two Kingdoms.  I didn't know what the book was about but it is a woman's story of her journey with leukemia which was diagnosed when she was 22.  Not what I was expecting but well written and an emotional roller coaster to listen to just as it is living alongside it.

I enjoy cultivating wild strawberries but this flower is from the many growing wild in the field.


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