May 1, 2021

Platelets this morning were still good after yesterday's transfusion and his neutrophils are continuing to climb, now at 0.9.  He did end up needing red blood cells as his hemoglobin had been slowly dropping over several days and today was at 70.  He has been getting headaches when getting up or moving much but today's transfusion helped that.  

Results of the MRI show that the hematoma at the base of his spine, possibly a result of the lumbar punctures, is starting to heal.  His foot is still a little fuzzy and weak but his symptoms are getting better.

While they aren't ready to discharge Marlon until watching the platelet counts for a few more days, they did say it will be fine to leave for a few hours on Sunday.  The thought of going home was mentioned but Marlon doesn't like the thought of spending a couple of hours in the car just for a visit.  When he goes home, he wants to stay there.  

I may take him out for a spin in a wheelchair if the weather cooperates.  I would like to take him to the great trails but not sure about getting the wheelchair in the car.  Not terribly collapsible.  We'll see…

Either way discharge is in sight.


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